I love photography. 
I have loved photography since the film days setting up a makeshift darkroom in my grandmother's bathroom.
I love it as a medium for art, for capturing moments in time, a preserver of memories. 
I love when photography makes me laugh, reminisce, wonder, and especially spark inspiration.
I love that photography is never ending learning.
Some random things about me...
- I can't sing but I really enjoy karaoke, at home, with my husband and few other tone deaf friends.
- I'm not a fan of the gym, but I love to hike and I'll happily hit the trails all day.
- I love animals, I want to adopt them all.
- I miss being a ski bum, well technically a snowboarder bum, either way I miss the those snowy mountains.
- I  burn toast on a regular basis, luckily I married a chef so it's ok.

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